Our beliefs shape our lives

March Madness is starting this month.  I don’t watch much basketball, but I loved playing when I was in school.

Michael Jordan tells about how before a game he would often visualize what would happen during the game.  He would even visualize himself making the final winning shot, which would determine who won and who lost.  Often, the outcome did hinge on the last few seconds of a game, and Michael wanted the ball.  In interviews, He said that he believed he could make the game winning shot.  This illustrates that our abilities are important, but our mental belief has the greatest impact on our lives.  What we believe in our heart to be true is most significant.

Take a moment and think about times when you were in a position to play the game, be in the play or play in the band?  Did you choose to “get the ball” or did you say, “no, don’t give it to me” for fear of messing up?

Our beliefs shape not only our athletic ability or competitive sports, but every area of our lives:

    our work,
    the quality of our relationships
    starting a new business
    raising our children
    our education
    where we live  

The list goes on and on.  

Whether you are earning more income or barely getting by is determined not so much by your abilities, but your belief in yourself.  Do you believe you can or do you believe you cannot?  Sure, there are risks involved.  What if you fail?  

Some people are satisfied with very little.  They require just enough in that job or in that relationship to “get by” and that’s all they’re willing to give. How sad to be satisfied with just a “Snickers Bar” when a whole banquet of life is waiting.  

When my daughter was young, she learned at school, “If you think you can, you can.”  At the time I thought she was naive.  However, I’ve noticed that I prefer to move through life thinking “I can” most of the time.

Sometimes though, I really don’t want the ball, but sometimes I do.  I would like to make a challenge to choose to want the ball more often.  to believe that we can.  We may even have to visualize ourselves doing what ever it is we want to do.  So... take the risk.  Who knows, it might just lead to a more fulfilling life.


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