I came upon this path quite by accident.  I had recently obtained my therapist license and applied for an advertised job as an Equine Assisted Therapist.  Having loved horses all my life and owning one since I was 11years old, it was as if someone had taken all of my favorite things, rolled them up and made the perfect job for me.

I did not get the job I applied for, but that put me on the life path of working with horses in counseling and learning.  I am amazed at the lessons horses teach.  I believe that by developing relationships with horses, we can learn to live a more authentic, satisfying and wholehearted life.


Equine Assisted Growth and Learning (EAGALA)
Natural Lifemanship
Healing with Horses

I committed to helping others spread the philosophy and methods of using horses to learn and grow.  To me, there is nothing more gratifying.

Horses have long been used for counseling due to their instinctual behaviors. Horses can read and react to a persons body language in a way that can directly help in therapy to get a better understanding of a persons habits and actions. Due to their gentle nature, horses are used to teach the individual how to handle all sorts of situations that they face in regular daily life.

Through the use of equine therapy, people are able to recognize consistent patterns in their behavior and learn new techniques to get better results in their relationships.

"The equine counseling experiences have validated and given me new insights about myself, which have proven to help me in my professional and personal life." R.B., Executive